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SPECBOARD® a simple medical specimen foam core board was developed by Banning Gray Lary, MD, a general surgeon, while in private practice in South Florida. He recognized the need for more accurate localization of breast biopsy lesions, especially in the cases where re-exploration is required.

Since 1987, MacBrud has been distributing the Specboard to hospitals and clinics throughout the U.S. and Canada. More recent sales include Western Europe including: AMI, D.C. General Hospital, HCA, Humana, Kaiser Permanente, Mayo Clinic, Royal Columbian Hospital, U.S. Army, V.A. Medical Center.

Specboard® benefits the patient with less specimen tissue loss while facilitating the three- way consultation process (surgery, radiology, pathology). The surgeon obtains more accurate coordinates for re-exploration; the radiologist gains both greater accuracy in grid alignment with compression mammography; and the pathologist is provided with a sealed transport container housing an efficient dissection cutting surface.

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